In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, at Make A Difference Training, we’ve been focusing on the merits of Virtual Training. Like many companies we’ve had to adapt quickly to new ways of working, communicating and meeting the requirements of our customers.

And we’re wondering “Will this global event create a ‘new normal’ for Learning and Development? Will the enforced virtual communication being adopted by many business signal significant, long-term change in the way people work and also how they develop their skills? Could there be a permanent physical shift in location, from your place of work, to working from your place?

While we all try our best to forecast the future we’ve witnessed, first-hand, the hugely negative impact of COVID-19. The overwhelming majority of companies and employees are experiencing short, medium or even long-term uncertainty. However, there are a very few others reaping unexpected benefits.

In this article, written by Iman Ghosh and shared from Visual Capitalist, some stark examples highlight the highs and lows felt in some very familiar industries as she ponders a future beyond COVID-19.