How do you know for sure if you’re team really is high performing?

We all recognise that teams are essential to business success. In our latest series of blogs, we’re focusing on teams. To start, we’re looking at where your team is at on the road to high performance.

I fully expect you’ve read endless articles stressing the importance of clear targets, vision, purpose and motivation. This is not one of those articles! While I agree those are all important, the purpose of this blog is to provide you with some practical measures you can use to see where your team it at.



So, here’s a quick and easy check list of five signs of a high performing team we’ve observed:



If there’s one thing that will keep managers and leaders awake at night it’s consistency. A team of high performers regular reaches their targets. Whether their a sales, service, marketing, procurement, finance or training and development team. What’s more, high performing teams often over-achieve their targets and deliver more than what was expected.

Take a look at the last three data points for your team. Three is the right place to start because everyone can get lucky once or twice with results, but three starts to show a trend. These results are a clue to where your team is at.


High performing team members actively participate. They fully engage in conversations about developing the team, sharing their ideas on what’s working and what could be improved.

Take some time to observe your team in meetings. Ask questions about areas of improvement and ideas and listen to the answers. The more people participate, the more engaged they are.



High performing teams get noticed! Other departments in the business who interact with a high performing team trust and depend on them. These departments know the high performing team will absolutely deliver on time and to a high standard.

What do other departments say about your team? If you’re getting more ‘thank you’d’ and more requests for support, that’s a signal your team is being noticed for its high performance.


The high performing team is recognised for the contributions it makes to the success of the organisation. People appreciate the contribution and make a point of highlighting that contribution publicly to others.  That can be both internal and external, to your customers.

What recognition does your team receive from peers in your company and from your customers?


The members of a high performing team are respected by others outside the team. People will listen to their points of view when it comes to matters related to the wider running of the business. They may not agree with what you say, but they will readily accept your right to voice that opinion and pay attention to what you’re saying. Why? Because your team is a key contributor and people respect that.

How much of a voice does your team have in the more strategic business conversations? How do other people react to you sharing your ideas and opinions?

There is, of course, an argument that not every team has to aim for high performance. Perhaps practical considerations mean only average performance is needed. I guess the bigger question then becomes “what does that say about the rest of the organisation?”


We believe that High performance is contagious! Once your team achieves levels of high performance they want to maintain those standards and stay there. And other teams will soon want to emulate them.

That’s exciting for your whole organisation!