In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, at Make A Difference Training, we’ve been focusing on the merits of Virtual Training. Like many companies we’ve had to adapt quickly to new ways of working, communicating and meeting the requirements of our customers.

Recent global events has seen a marked increase in the use and development of virtual training platforms and interventions. With many folk being forced to work from home, the need for training to be conducted in that environment has gained increased relevance and many see the use of virtual training as the solution to training development problems.

A few days ago I realized something quite special. I noticed that I had moved on from the ‘Corona-freeze’ and I was taking deliberate action. And with action I had regained my good mood.

May 1st is acknowledged all of the world. But very often for different reasons. I wanted to share some of the historical background and also how that relate to the world today and particularly learning and development.

How often did you hand a task out to somebody and it just didn’t get done? You’re sure the instructions were clear and the time frame was agreed. But, in the end it just didn’t happen. You’re left frustrated and annoyed at the other person letting you down. Then, of course, you begin to question yourself. “Why don’t people always listen to me?” “What is it about me?” “What am I doing wrong?”

What to expect: Six super benefits of online learning

Wow, who knew how suddenly the world could change? We were all busy with our usual routines when, in a flash, we weren’t. The Covid-19 virus has shown how fragile our business worlds and social structures can be.

We’ve quickly learned new phrases like ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolating’. I have been educated on how to wash my hands correctly too. And I’m betting many of you, like me, have cracked skin from washing those hands to prove it!

The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

When we think about diversity, we think about factors such as race, gender, age, cultural background and many more. But diversity is about far more than hiring people to fit inside the right age groups or make the work statistics for gender equality look good.

Hiring people from different backgrounds, different ages and of different genders, open an abundance of opportunities for your organisation to grow in ways that you could not even begin to understand.

Coaching in business – Essential in our times while time is of the essence

I guess I started business coaching about 18 years ago, and I did not know. It started when I had my first management job, and instinctively knew that my subordinates’ ideas were different but not less valuable than mine. It started when I trained them to speak in a meeting, instead of speaking on their behalf and I proposed them for the challenging business trips, while I remained ‘at home’ dealing with the politics. It started when the concept of ‘coach’ was referred to sports and, in business, at most you had a trainer or an HR counselor.

The word ‘culture’ originates from the Latin word “colere”, translated as to build on, to cultivate, to foster. Many authors have attempted to define the meaning of the word, and there are many schools of thought regarding the term. Hofstede wrote one of the most cited explanations of culture in 1991 who refers to culture as the “collective programming of the mind.”